Dec 122011

I'd like to take a moment and introduce the newest sponsor of the South Florida Social Geeks,

Have you ever played a video game on-line and wished you could make money by beating your friends?

Well, now you can.  

Take on your friends or a complete stranger.  Earn not only bragging rights, but cash too.

FantaZ provides you, my fellow game enthusiasts, a fun and competitive environment where you can play and show off your skills.

This is NOT about gambling or cash games of chance.  We're talking about honest-to-goodness games based on skill, observation, and knowledge.

Sign Up Today by using the following link

Or, when you join, use ZBO# FA6E1F24A541141

Thank you for supporting the Social Geeks and I look forward to challenging you to a game.  Come join me, won't you?

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