Sep 252011

As most of you may remember, about 4 weeks ago, Outback Steakhouse held a promotion where they were giving away free Steak dinners.  However, unlike almost every promotion on the web today, they chose to mail the dinner vouchers through the USPS as opposed to making them available for download to be printed out.

Since neither my father, nor I, have received ours, I, of course, went to their Facebook FAN page to see what recourse is available.  Like any good promotion, the page was filled with both positive and negative responses.  Those who got their vouchers thanked Outback for their dinner and expressed their enthusiasm.  Those that did not get their vouchers or got their mailings only to find the the coupon missing were told to
contact our team  and we will take care of you.
Out of all the responses I saw from the last 72 hours, I was grateful to see at least one customer was willing to come back to tell the rest of us how it turned out for them
I just want to say thank you! I got my free steak dinner today.. After all the confusion and issues during the giveaway— it was great to know that you guys handled it! Can’t wait to enjoy it!!!
Personally, while I do want my free steak dinner, as a social geek, I would also like to know why Outback chose to use such an antiquated method of reward distribution.

attempted something extremely similar about a month ago when they gave out free breakfast vouchers.  Not only was it successful because participants could immediately print out their coupons, but if someone lost theirs, the voucher was easy to reprint without any interaction with the Chick-Fil-A team.  This probably saved them time and money on mailings, stamps, and issue resolutions.
I hope Outback learns from their mistakes with this promotion and fixes them for the next one.

{SIDENOTE: I will keep this post updated if I hear back from Outback}

  • Did you participate in the promotion?
  • Have you gotten yours yet?
  • If you didn’t get it, how has Outback responded, or reached out to you?

{UPDATE 9/29/2011} Since posting this entry and reaching out to Outback through Twitter, I have received a response from Outback Steakhouse’s marketing team.  This response not only included a direct tweet, but also an offer to call and speak with me directly.  Already, that earned them some points back in my book.

It would appear as though they chose to go with the snail mail to make the voucher seem more special, and to insure that it was truly redeemed by one per person without being printed out multiple times.  This makes sense, and something that I should have thought of.  For that, I withdraw my complaint and respect their decision to go through this process instead.

They also explained that the vouchers were being sent out in at least 2 different batches and that appeared as though both mine, and my father’s, were in that second batch.  However, to address my concerns, in addition to those vouchers, they offered to FedEx me and dad 2 each an additional voucher.  

I thank @Outback for their professionalism.  They uniquely utilized Social Media through their marketing strategy as well as how they responded to various complaints.  I also look forward to continuing this newly developed relationship.

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