Jun 292011

At green lantern corp recruitment center with Ace and PJ. Hoping to see @sflsocialgeeks out here 🙂

At green lantern corp recruitment center. #geeklife @sflsocialgeeks

RT @ technomensch #geekview10 tickets !!!! (@ Green Lantern Recruiting Center) http://4sq.com/jTEr6e

I’m at Green Lantern Recruiting Center w/ @technomenschhttp://4sq.com/lB83JW

HUGE THANK YOU to @ryantxr @TheDudeDean @highguyz &@iamjeffcohen for helping me out tonight. #geekview10

Last night was pretty awesome hanging with the @sflsocialgeekshanding out #GreenLantern swag. Cant wait for Wednesday to watch it 🙂

@sflsocialgeeks Glad to help. Huge turnout! #geekview10

in Aventura waiting on green lantern sneak preview to start

RT @sflsocialgeeks: #geekview10 was awesome. @dee_deez @iamJeffCohen @ryantxr @highguyz @TheDudeDean thanks for coming out!

Prior to showtime, some geeks show off their brand new Green Lantern Ring, while borrowing a second one:

greenlantern was awesome


@sflsocialgeeks Thank youuuu!!! Had so much fun and I LOVE my pretty, shiny ring! @iamJeffCohen @ryantxr @highguyz @TheDudeDean

@sflsocialgeeks thanks for another great #geekview10 @dee_deez @ryantxr @highguyz @TheDudeDean

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Jun 082011



BURBANK, CA – June 8, 2011 – In celebration of the June 17th theatrical release and big-screen debut of the popular superhero “Green Lantern,” Warner Bros. Pictures will electrify 11 North American cities on Monday, June 13, encouraging people to Join the (Green Lantern) Corps.   Markets include:  Los Angeles, New York City, Vancouver, San Diego, Miami, Atlanta, Cleveland, Kansas City, Sacramento, St. Louis, and New Orleans, where the film was shot.

To Join the Corps, fans will be invited to decipher local clues leading them to a secret location where the “Green Lantern” symbol will be projected from dusk until midnight.  Those attending the events, sponsored by Kodak, will have the chance to win fantastic prizes, including an opportunity to be among the first to see the film at local preview screenings, limited edition T-shirts, light-up “Green Lantern” rings, “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights” Blu-ray combo packs and more.  And some people who are photographed with the projected symbol behind them will have their photos posted on the movie Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/greenlanternmovie.  Select markets will also give people the chance to record the “Green Lantern” oath which will be added to the Infinite Oath app on the movie website:  www.greenlantern.com.

Miami promotional partners WSVN TV – Deco Drive, WJAN TV 4, infamouskidd.com, hudakonhollywood.com and sflsocialgeeks.org will disclose clues during the week of Monday, June 6 – Friday, June 13 to help fans identify the “Green Lantern” symbol’s secret location. WPOW FM – Power 96 will host the Green Lantern Event. The first 50- 100 fans to arrive and have their picture taken with the symbol will receive passes to an advance screening, two days before the film’s nationwide theatrical release. Some of those attending the event will also receive limited edition T-shirts and other promotional prizes noted above. Some who are photographed at the event will have their picture posted on the above mentioned Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/greenlanternmovie.

“Green Lantern” opens in theaters nationwide in 3D and 2D on Friday, June 17, 2011. The film has been rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action.



In a universe as vast as it is mysterious, an elite, powerful force has existed for centuries.  Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the Green Lantern Corps. Warriors sworn to keep intergalactic order, each Green Lantern wears a ring that grants him the ability to create anything his mind can imagine.  But when a new enemy called Parallax threatens to destroy the balance of power in the Universe, their fate and the fate of Earth lie in the hands of their newest recruit, the first human ever selected: Hal Jordan.

Bringing the enduringly popular superhero to the big screen for the first time, “Green Lantern” stars Ryan Reynolds in the title role, under the direction of Martin Campbell.  Campbell directed the film from a screenplay by Greg Berlanti & Michael Green & Marc Guggenheim and Michael Goldenberg, story by Greg Berlanti & Michael Green & Marc Guggenheim, based upon characters appearing in comic books published by DC Comics.  The film also stars Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett and Tim Robbins.  “Green Lantern” was produced by Donald De Line and Greg Berlanti.  Herbert W. Gains and Andrew Haas served as executive producers, with Lucienne Papon and Geoff Johns co-producing.


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Jun 062011

You know the words, but are you ready to take the oath?

In Brightest Day
In Blackest Night
No Evil Shall Escape My Sight
Let Those Who Worship Evil’s Might
Beware My Power
Green Lantern’s Light

Are you ready to embrace what it means to be a member of the Corp?

Well, remember the scene in the trailer where the entire CORP chants “WE ARE THE CORP” and the sky fills with the color GREEN?  That’s what it’s going to be like Monday night June 13th when the Green Lantern symbol will shine brightly on a local landmark somewhere in the tri-county South Florida radius.

BUT, just like the planet OA is hidden from the rest of the galaxy, don’t think we’re going to make it easy for you to find.

All this week, I’ll be giving out clues to our own local OA on our FAN PAGE, Facebook group, Twitter Account, and at various events throughout South Florida.

If you have the WILLPOWER to put the pieces together, and are among the first to find us at 9:00 PM on Monday night, June 13th, then you’ll be recruited to join the largest GL Party you’ve ever seen.

As an honorary member of the CORP, you’ll be eligable to win a ton of free stuff that night including:

  • limited edition T-shirts
  • “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights” Blu-ray combo packs
  • light-up “Green Lantern” rings

AND, of course, tickets to our exclusive #geekviewpreview10: Green Lantern on Wednesday night, June 15th, at 7:30pm.

For my regulars out there, this is the ONLY way you’re going to be able to get #geekviewpreview10 tickets, so I expect to see you there.

If you were on the #ChevyGeekHunt, then I expect you to be wearing your rings.

Thanks to Warner Bros for are embracing our local geek community with open arms and seriously delivering on the goods.

Finally, be sure to check back with us on Monday during the day to be given the final clue as well as instructions to prove that you’re one of us, a fellow geek.

CLUE #1: In what city does the film in the clip below take place?

CLUE #2:  To find me on Monday, June 13th, at 9pm to get your #geekview10 passes to see Green Lantern, you’ll have to go to this part of the city in CLUE #1:

CLUE #3: I think this clue kind of speaks for itself:

CLUE #4: If you’re thinking it’s “older one”, think again. This location is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary.

Think you’ve figured it out by now, please leave a comment below. Comments will be screened. I will contact you if you are right or wrong. If you are correct, you will receive additional information about Monday night.Still need help figuring it out? I’ll be at the following events over the next 3 days. Find me and scan my QR code to get an extra exclusive clue.

UPDATE: Since the Book of OA is the law, the Guardians have convened and granted us permission to reveal the location of their newest recruiting center here in South Florida:

The Adrienne Arsht Center
Miami, FL

New recruits should leave their spaceships in Parking Lot C on 13th St. between Biscayne and 2nd Ave at exactly 9:00 p.m. sharp.

There, will be offering boarding passes for 3 different recruiting sessions to the first 50-100 of you posers who show up

Wednesday, 6/15, 7: 30 p.m at AMC Aventura

Wednesday, 6/15, 7:30 p.m. at Muvico Parisian

The passphrase to get your ticket is:

” ‘<<Insert favorite member of the Corp>>’ wants to go to Geekview Preview 10.”

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