May 122011

First of all, I would like to issue a huge thank you to everyone who can out for our first every #comicbookcrawl.  As you can see from the photos below, and the many tweets, it was a fantastic success.

Before we set out on the road, we all gather outside of Tate’s to meet each other and I had special surprises for them.  On the numerous crawls that I have been on in the past, perhaps the greatest complaint that all participants had was that they cell phone batteries kept dying.  Well, when I was at SxSW last month, I made a fantastic connection with the Social Media team from @RadioShack who were more then willing to help us out.  Together, we made sure that everyone got their own Enercell cellphone battery backup pack.

@amandastewart @mklopez @mkhall & @tigrrblood show off their new battery backups courtesy of @radioshack

If you have never used a battery backup pack before, than this is the one to get, and I’m not just praising them because they were a sponsor, but from personal experience.  Without this backup, my phone would’ve died multiple times throughout SxSW.  As you can imagine, everyone was both extremely surprised, and very grateful that they got one.

thanks @radioshack for the mobile chargers #comicbookcrawl

Thank you to @radioshack for the free mobile power pack supporting the #comicbookcrawl! Will come in handy!

Also, thanks to @radioshack for the charger! #FCBD

Thanks to @radioshack I can recharge my phone’s battery. I wish we had a # comicbookcrawl sponsor to recharge -my- batteries…

Even my hometown of @coralsprings_pk got in on the @RadioShack praise

#comicbookcrawl @radioshack may just be a shack, but it has great stuff not found in other shacks #Thanks 4 participating! @sflsocialgeeks

This particular pack works with most major cell phones, comes with iPhone, micro-USB, and mini-USB adapters, and when fully charged, can give you up to 8 hours of extra battery life.

But, on top of that, @RadioShack also donated $25 gift cards prizes for those with the best tweets:

The first winner had to be @ILovePochacco with her tweet:

“Now I can’t use the excuse, “but my battery was dead” when my MIL tries calling.#comicbookcrawl Thx @radioshack!”

[NOTE: MIL = Mother-in-law]

The second winner was @alli_actually with the most geekiest tweet:

“Charged faster than Sonic racing to defeat Robotnik. Thanks @radioshack! #FCBD”

The third winner, @mkhall, was actually thanked @RadioShack themselves:

Thank you to @radioshack for the free mobile power pack supporting the #comicbookcrawl! [Resent to correct typos]


You are welcome! Hope you guys are having a nice day -ing

Finally, the last winner @amandastewart gave perhaps the best tweet to thank our first stop, most gracious hosts, and fantastic sponsor, Tate’s

The goodies & swag from @tatescomics is all sorts of awesome. This is why I go here ALL the time. thanks for the hospitality #comicbookcrawl

In fact, Tate’s was our first stop and they really gave us the VIP treatment, hooking us up with swag bags full of goodies, our own lanyards, and special buttons.  Tate has always remained a valuable of sponsor of our community and we will continue to support this local mecca of geekdom.

Just got my @tatescomics army badge. Wooohoo. @mklopez #comicbookcrawl

I also got today my #TatesArmy badge in the mail :) @amandastewart @tatescomics #comicbookcrawl

#comicbookcrawl @mklopez & I are almost at @tatescomics Cant wait! cc: @sflsocialgeeks#FCBD #excelsior

The army is here. Let’s the chaos and distraction begin. #FCBD #comicbookcrawl

Starting the #comicbookcrawl for Free Comic Book Day! (@ TATE’S Comics + Toys + Videos + More w/ @mklopez)

May 07, 11:05am via SocialScope
So this is the line for #freecomicbookday@tatescomics Glad we’re on the #comicbookcrawl instead!!

Doors are open @tatescomics #FCBD#comicbookcrawl

I’m having a comic book orgasm already. Sorry @mklopez #comicbookcrawl #FCBD


Isn’t @ShariMcConahay daughter the cutest#comicbookcrawl VIP @tatescomics ever!

May 07, 11:26am via txt
#comicbookcrawl gotta get the Jesus on the cross dress up magnets @tatescomics#sowrong yet #sofunny #FCBD

May 07, 11:26am via SocialScope
@tatescomics really knows how to treat the #comicbookcrawl as VIPs. Thanks for hosting us.

@amandastewart loves to show off her @tatescomics #comicbookcrawl swag bag

There are huge crowds at @tatescomics, but the staff is very efficient! It’s almost like a military operation… #comicbookcrawl

@mklopez I told you that you shouldn’t have the droids he’s looking for #comicbookcrawl @tatescomics

Sandtroopers hanging out at Tate’s!!#comicbookcrawl

May 07, 2:14pm via SocialScope
Clone commando was hired for security.#comicbookcrawl

Thank you @tatescomics for an Awesome Experience! #FCBD #comicbookcrawl

Thanks to @tatescomics for the swag bags? #comicbookcrawl

Txs again to @tatescomics for supporting#comicbookcrawl #FCBD

Our next stop was Crossroad Comics, which is quite literally only a few blocks north of Tate’s

May 07, 12:22pm via foursquare
Stop numero dos for #comicbookcrawl (@ Crossroad Comics w/ @mklopez)

May 07, 12:27pm via SocialScope
At our second #comicbookcrawl stop #crossroadcomics. Everything in the store is 20% off. Thank you for hosting the crawl !

May 07, 12:27pm via AT&T Social Net
getting more free comics #crossroadscomics#comicbookcrawl

May 07, 12:29pm via txt
Outside of Crossroads Comics checking out the shirts 25% off! #comicbookcrawl #FCBD

At #crossroadcomics for the #comicbookcrawl. I’m having serious flashbacks to my years in the business.

Out last stop was all the way north in Deerfield Beach, Docking Bay 94, and these guys really knew how to throw a party.  They had a DJ, bounce house of the kids, sidewalk sale, and even a Papa John’s pizza truck.

#comicbookcrawl on our way to Docking Bay 94!#FCBD Well with @amandastewart driving this is turning into X-Rated #adultcomics

OH:”Hey @DeepinURtonsils, are you coming with me or @amandastewart” - @mklopez #comicbookcrawl

I’m placing my trust in @sprint’s navigation system to get me to the next stop on the#comicbookcrawl. If I’m never seen again…

Arguing between Wonder Women vs Supergirl with @amandastewart #comicbookcrawl #FCBD #Throwdown

Pizza, comics, music, bounce house? Free Comic Book Day party @docking_bay_94 #FCBD

#comicbookcrawl Thank You! @Docking_Bay_94 #FCBD mmm Pizza N Comics! #greasyfingers #fatkid #comics

He draws Zim! #ComicBookCrawl


just bought Stephen Hawking book at#comicbookcrawl

All in all, I think this pretty much sums up the day nicely:

@alli_actually #FCBD #freecomicbookday #comicbookcrawl

Once again, thanks to our sponsors @RadioShack, @tatescomics, and @Docking_Bay_94.  This #comicbookcrawl wouldn’t have been the experience that it was without your help.

In the end, everyone had a fantastic day and I cannot thank all of you enough for comingout .  It was definitely a blast and can’t wait to do it again next year.

Giving in to my star trek geek…#comicbookcrawl

I cant stop smiling! Thank U! #FCBD#comicbookcrawl #ecstatic

#comicbookcrawl Free Comic Book Day! My peeps and I are virgins no more… Luv it


Thank you to all that made #comicbookcrawlpossible @mklopez @amandastewart @sflsocialgeeks #FCBD #ALLSTARS

Such a super uber awesome day at the #comicbookcrawl. My #FCBD cherry has been popped. Lots of freebies & not so free stuff. #fulfilledgeek

@mklopez big hugs. I had such a great day AND evening W u. My month is complete!! Loves and kisses. :) #comicbookcrawl


Full Gallery of photos can be found here on Flickr:

05/07/2011 #comicbookcrawl, a set on Flickr.

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May 062011

Some of you might be familiar with Free Comic Book Day (FCBD). If not, this is the short version:

Every year, on first Saturday of May, comic book distributors give local comic stores throughout the country specially printed free versions of their comics to give away.  The goal is to help encourage the reading of comics, celebrate the industry, and for some, use it as a launching pad for either new comic series or a larger yearly event.

Each store usually allows one to five free comics per person and there are about 30 or so free titles total. Let’s see if we can get them all! 🙂

For more information about the annual tradition, please feel free to check out

Saturday, May 7th (all times are approximate & subject to change)


10:30 AM:

Meet at Tate’s

4566 N University Drive

Lauderhill, FL 33351

10:30 AM – 11:00 AM:
We will introduce each other, take pictures, and set up our carpooling arrangements.


11:00 AM SHARP
Enter Tate’s.


From this point forward, the plan is to spend about 45 mins on each store. Times are VERY approximate, and depending on weather and traffic we might do adjustments on the fly


12:00 PM
Head just a few blocks North of Tate’s to Crossroad Comics

4952 North University Drive
Lauderhill, FL 33351

They are advertising a sidewalk sale that day, so be prepared.

1:30 PM

We’ll head even further north to Docking Bay 94 in Pompano.

7710 NW 56th Way # 100
Pompano Beach, FL 33073

Docking Bay may appear small, but they are a fantastic venue that has been incredibly supportive of the South Florida Social Geek community. They are advertising music performances, an artist alley where you can get sketches, and many other activities.

Like the South Florida Crawls before us:

  • ChevyPizzaCrawl

  • ChevyCupcakeCrawl

  • ChevyWingCrawl

  • ChevyGeekHunt

We encourage participants to Tweet about their experience, send out TwitPics, and check-in through Foursquare.


Since Docking Bay will be

be having Papa John’s Pizza and Sodas, we’ll be having lunch there at the Crawl will officially be over.

For the best of the best, we’ll have prizes from our sponsor, RadioShack.  Please be sure to follow them on Twitter: @RadioShack.

Things to remember:


  • Please keep in mind that the entire point of FCBD is to sponsor and promote these stores, and this industry.  In this spirit, we kindly as that you buy at least one item from each store, regardless of what it is

  • Make sure you have a full take of gas

  • Have one, if not several, bottles of water handy

  • If you have a car chargers for your cell phones, bring them.  Twitpics and Tweets will use up your battery quickly
  • The Twitter hashtag is #comicbookcrawl
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