Feb 072011

This week, we’ve got some great events planned, so if you’re free, come and check them out with some of our awesome assistant organizers.

Event: “Expand Your Gaming  at Cool Stuff Games AND We’re Testing A New Card Game!”

Date: Monday, Feb. 7th

Time: 6:30 PM

Organizer/Host: Dharra

Location: Cool Stuff Games 5655 South University Drive – Davie, FL 33328 – USA




Bring your Euro, Independant, Strategy Games.  Lots of games to choose from, a few examples of the more independent games are below

  • Piece o’ Cake
  • Dominion
  • Dixit
  • Lost Cities
  • Incan Gold
  • 7 Wonders
  • Small World
  • Stone Age
  • Long Shot
  • and many more

Leave the Uno, Apples to Apples and Dominos at Home.tongue

Cool Stuff Games has sodas and waters to purchase, but you can also bring in food and there’s some restaurants closeby if you want to pick something up for yourself and bring in. There’s also a good sushi restaurant that delivers biggrin.

(B)roward (I)ntellectual (G)ame Night

Date: Tuesday. Feb 8th.

Time: 6:30pm

Organizers/Hosts: Alejandro & Carla

Location: Florida Super Comics – 5917 S. University Blvd – Davie, FL 33328

Join Carla and Alex for another BIG Games Night!   We had a great time last time! This time we are getting together on a Tuesday; that way there will be no noisy WarHammer players there either! The guys at Florida Super Comics are excited to have us! They say it’s ok if we bring in food and drink as long as we don’t make a mess; and they sell beverages as well.   The door closes at 10:00 pm officially, but if the employees join us, we can stay as late as they do (even midnight), so we’ll see how late this one runs. Last time we were there ’til about 10:30.   Also, Mike, the owner, has agreed to give us a 20% discount on all games we buy that night!! Awesome!  In the past, we have played: 7 Wonders, Cyclades, Stone Age, Dominion, Inca Empire, Ascension, Settlers of Catan, Ra, Puerto Rico, Carcassonne, Cable Car, Incan Gold, Fluxx, RoboRally, Piece O’ Cake, Cleopatra, Citadels, TransEuropa, Ticket to Ride, Lascaux, Marrakech, Tsuro, Saboteur and a few more.   We’re very excited about this new location and hope to see you there!  — Alex and Carla

Event: Icebreaker- Trivia and Drinks [New Members Welcome]

Date: Wednesday, Feb. 9th.

Time: 7:15pm

Organizers/Hosts: Marc

Location: Bru’s Room – 5460 W Hillsboro Blvd – Coconut Creek, FL 33073 – USA

Never been to one of our events?  This would be a great chance to come out, meet your fellow geeks, and test your trivia skills.  Enjoy some drinks, good food, and great conversation.
7:45pm – Speed Freaks For 15 minutes, Speed Freaks will pit you against other players in your location to see who is the quickest. The first person to answer the question correctly gets all of the points… everyone else gets locked out until the next question starts. The game is entirely paced around the players… the faster the correct answer comes in, the more questions in the game.
8:00pm – SciFiles Boldly go where sci-fi fanatics and Trekkies have gone before. SciFiles™ is a science fiction trivia game that runs from moderate to advanced in difficulty. Literature, film and television questions abound. If you know your Asimov from a Black Hole in the ground, this is where to make Contact and show off your giant brain!
8:30pm – Pastimes Make history with Pastimes! Buzztime’s 15-minute game will blast you into the past with 10 questions about the people, places and events that have shaped our world.
8:45pm – Lexitopia Lexitopia, brought to you by Dictionary.com, will test what you really know about all of those words you haven’t seen since taking the SATs.   We’ll give you the word, you’ll tell us what it means. Sound simple? We’ll see about that!
9:00pm – Six Use your Six-th sense to command a lead over your opponents in our game of categories. Six™ is played in four engaging rounds featuring questions from six different categories: The Sciences, The World, The Shows, The Past, The Games and The Arts!
If you do come out, I’d recommend registering ahead of time at the website:  http://www.buzztime.com/
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Feb 052011

If you’re a member of this community, or reading this post, then I have to assume that you, like myself, are interested in helping to put Florida on the national, if not international, technology map.

What is the Startup Bus?

For those of you who have never heard of the StartupBus, imagine The Apprentice meets The Amazing Race meets Incubate Miami, but with a technological twist to build a start-up from scratch ON THE BUS.

Five buses, one from each of the following cities, are headed to SouthBySouthwest in Austin, TX: San Francisco, New York, Cleveland, Chicago, and Miami.

Since we are the South Florida Social Geeks, Steve Repetti, from Radwebtech, and I are helping the bus leaving from Miami search for The South’s best and brightest to join us on this journey to Austin.

But, before you sign up, keep in mind that this trip is not for those of you with the faint of heart.

Don’t think this is going to be your standard road-trip, oh no.  In fact, you could almost say that this is the marathon of start-up competitions.  Not only do you have to have the drive and determination that powers the entrepreneurial spirit, but you’ve got to have the endurance to live on lack of sleep and be willing to live for a few days with complete strangers.

Each bus will have an estimated 25 to 30 people, with skills ranging from Coders, Graphic Designers, Webmasters, Copy Editors, Technical Writers, and Social Media Specialists to people with financial and business backgrounds to those people who are Creative/Artistic, and like to think outside the box.

Just like an Incubate event, those who have great startup ideas will be given time to present their proposal to the bus.  Then, everyone on the bus will be given time to mingle and group up into different teams.  You could end up part of a team, or if you are really passionate about your own idea, you could even spend the entire bus working on it yourself (but where’s the fun in that).   Your team could develop a killer web application, or if you find that none of you are developers, you might just end up with jaw-dropping a power-point business model that will blow everyone away.  It will literally be a free-for-all until we get to SxSW, where all the teams from the various buses will be given the opportunity to present their in front of some of biggest venture capitalist around.

Let that sink in for a second.  You’ll be presenting to the venture capitalists.  That means that there is the potential, even if you’re not the team chosen to win, that some investor out there might say, “Hey, we really like that idea and want to talk more about it with you.”

Now, even though the entire bus might not end up together as a single team, this is still a national competition and the people on this bus would be seen as representing “The South”.  That’s why this South Florida Social Geek wants to make the contingent from Florida as prominent as possible.  We will be wearing our southern state pride loud and proud, laying down the smack and doing some trash-talking.  We want to show the rest of the country at the single largest technological start-up conference in the nation that “The South”,  not San Francisco, not New York, not Cleveland, not Chicago, and not Los Angeles is the place to be.  Let’s show them that we have the talent so they will want to either move here, or set up some offices here.

How do I get on the Startup Bus?

If this is something that has your interest, keep in mind that space on the bus is extremely limited, so there are a few hoops you’ll have to go through to get seat on the bus.

  1. Go to http://startupbus.com and click on “Find Out More: Connect with Facebook
  2. Wait for someone to “vouch” for you.
  3. While you are waiting, leave a comment below telling me why you think I should vouch for you. We are only given 2 invites/people we can vouch for, so you better make it a compelling argument.  And remember, to the right are your friends who want to get on the bus. Vouch for one of them, or vouch for someone via email, but vouch wisely.  These may be the people you’re relying on to launch a company.
  4. NOTE: leaving a comment below IS NOT the same as submitting your reasons to the StartupBus.  What we are asking for is why we should vouch for you and give you one of our limited invites.  Don’t be surprised that there are no comments showing up because they are being screened, kept private.
  5. Once you’ve been vouched for, you’ll be asked to tell the StartupBus group why you think you’re the the most scrappy hacker, do-er, thinker, designer or connector and how that’s going to help you to go toe-to-toe with some of the best minds in startups.  Personally, I would recommend that you mention in your application that you were referred by the South Florida Social Geeks, perhaps mention me and, or Steve by name, since it couldn’t hurt.
  6. Then, the StartupBus team will pick the best of the best to get a seat on the bus.

What if I want to be a sponsor for the Startup Bus?

If riding on a bus for 3 days with complete strangers isn’t your cup of tea, but you like the idea of The Startup Bus and would like to donate, we are also looking for local financial sponsors to help ease the financial burdens of each individual rider:

  • StartupBus participation costs:
    • $100 of the participation fee is a non-refundable ticket that guarantees your seat
    • An additional $100 for a refundable contribution to ensure we can cover all the cost
  • SxSW admission
    • The Interactive Badge alone is $750
  • Hotel
    • March 7th 
      • We’re having a launch party here in South Florida the night before we leave, then getting up bright and early to leave.
    • March 8-10 for the ride to Austin, TX
    • March 11-16 while in Austin, TX
  • Flights home
    • The bus is only one way.  Each rider still has to be able to get home
  • Misc costs that we’d like to be able to cover as well:
    • Air flight to Miami, if needed (although we’d prefer you drive if you’re in the state).
    • Bus t-shirts to showcase the logos of the sponsors
    • Food and Taxi/Bus/transportation for the week while in Austin.

Think about it.  Not only would you and/or your company/organization be getting national exposure at SxSW, but you would also be helping support your fellow Southerners by helping them focus on the end goal without the daily financial burdens that they might otherwise incur on a trip such as this.  Remember, this is the same festival where Twitter and Foursquare got launched into the national spotlight.  If you want to sponsor the bus leaving from Miami, please contact either me or Steve directly.

What are you waiting for? The bus rolls out from Miami on March 8th.  SxSW goes from March 11th through March 20th.  Let’s get on the bus and head to SxSW!!!!!!

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Feb 022011

Attn: Meetup.com’s South Florida Social Geeks

For those of you are unaware, or haven’t been to meetup.com in quite some time, last Friday, they made some extremely radical changes which have several organizers, including myself, are not happy with.  As a result, there is currently a rebellion against meetup.com and a mass exodus from their service.

If you’d like to read more about this, before I proceed, I would recommend reading the following blog posts:

Since we are local geeks, several of us within the New Tech Community are actually building our own, open-sourced, non-proprietary solution that will follow web standards to give us interoperability with several other online services, and allow give our users data portability.

To learn more, and be part of the BETA when it becomes available, please sign up at:


NOTE: If you are a developer, graphic designer, or have any interest in helping us build this project, please contact me directly.

As a temporary work-around, until a more permanent solution can either be found or built, we have chosen to move our mailing list and communication to a Google Groups:


As of this writing, we’re keeping this group closed.  It may be open at a future time, but until we get settled, I do not want to confuse any new members.

I ask that you please take a moment to head over there and sign up if only so we can stay in touch about the status of our group and where we are going.  It is important to keep in mind, this will not be for event management, it is just a way that I can communicate with you more quickly.

For event management, we will continue to post events

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve probably been wondering why you were manually removed from our Meetup group.  Since Meetup is using a proprietary internal mailing list system, I do not have everyone’s email address to send each and every one of you a personalized invitation.  Therefore, I am following the guide to shut our meetup down as provided here:

How (and Why) to Shut Down Your Meetup Group – For Good

I apologize in advance if this causes any issues or inconvenience for any of you.

I thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you at our next, or future, events.


Marc K.
South Florida Social Geeks Community Manager

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Feb 022011

An off-Broadway play featuring Charles Ross portraying all of the characters, sound effects, music and even fighting with himself as he explores all three movies

I personally was honored to see his show in the 90s during the Orlando Fringe Festival and, speaking from first-hand experience, it is incredible.

Tickets are $30.

If you are interested, please do not just RSVP, but also leave a comment below so I’ll know how many to have a headcount for tickets.

Event: One Man Star Wars Trilogy

Date: Saturday night, February 5th

Time: 8pm

Cost: $30 per ticket

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