About Us

We are the South Florida Social Geek Community.
We are geeks with social skills and YES, we do exist.
We stretch from Miami-Dade, through Broward, to Palm Beach.
  • Do your interests differ from the norm?
  • Think you’ll go deaf from the loud club music? Not that much of a drinker, but enjoy a few from time-to-time? How about an open mic night, Karaoke, or a piano bar?
  • Early technology adopter? We’re the people you can brag to.
  • Know a local artist or performer? We support the local scene.
  • No one gets your movie and TV references? We will.
  • Want to know what’s on our DVR Season Pass list? We can list it by memory.
  • DVD collection been replaced by a home media server? Host an event to show it off.
  • Like going to midnight movies on opening night? Just say the word and we’ll join you.
  • Can’t get that showtune/song out of your head, or just can’t remember the lyrics? Just hum a few notes and we’ll do the rest.
  • Art museums? We may, or may not, know the history behind the piece, but we can appreciate what we see.
  • Curious how things work? Off to the Museum of Science and Discovery.
  • Don’t like to dance? How about Dance Dance Revolution at Dave and Busters?
  • Want to learn to dance? We’ll get you lessons.
  • Miss the 80s? Two words: LASER TAG
  • Don’t know which wine goes with which dish? We can help with wine pairings.
  • Got a competitive streak? Break out the board games.
  • Role-playing? Hookups? Gamer? Try somewhere else.
If you fall into any of those categories, then you just might be a Geek with Social Skills.

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